Experience what Real Food tastes like! Natural, nutritious and good for you. Simply A-maize-ing!

Why DID WE CREATE momcorn?

After we enjoyed the rich, intense, natural flavors of these foods in their native countries, we craved them once back in the United States, we tried many restaurants in many different parts of the country and we could never find the real flavor. We either ended up with a Tex-Mex meal or with a very commercial version of Mexican food. So we took it upon ourselves to bring the authentic taste of Mexico into a casual, modern facility. We also have a few dishes from a handful of other Latin American countries. Now you too can experience the real thing, without having to take an airplane!

Momcorn embraces the role of Corn as a "Mother Grain" nourishing first the people in this continent whose native cultures were nourished by this noble grain, which  then spread to the rest of the world, becoming a staple for many people.

Notice that besides having an "About Us" page we also have an "About You" page. You are really our reason of existence. We offer you a healthy, natural alternative to the processed meals found everywhere out there! Now you have a place where you can enjoy great tasting food at the same time that you nourish yourself and your family with fresh, traditional meals or, in a few words "Real Food".

At Momcorn we make our own Salsas, we pickle our own Chili Peppers

for the best "Chiles en Vinagre" you have ever tasted. We cook our own Beans without lard, (most other places just open a big can of them).

All the meats served in our Tortas,Tacos,Tamales, Sopes, Quesadillas, Flautas, etc. are cooked in here,  the broth is then used to prepare our incredible Home Made Soups, seasoned with real vegetables and spices, not packets, no MSG here! 

Momcorn, naturally delicious, simply A-maize-ing!

The freshness and quality of the ingredients, along with preparation following traditional recipes, result in the authentic bold flavors you crave and you can find only at Momcorn.

Quality you can taste

Eat with gusto