The Birth of Momcorn

2022 a New Beginning

Spring of 2022 brought up a refreshing change for Momcorn. Edgard Rojas, a young entrepreneur,

took over the ownership and operation of the Momcorn Restaurant. He comes from the food industry corporate world. He shares the original vision that inspired Sergio to create Momcorn.

Time will tell. But when people put their talent and efforts together, success is practically unavoidable!


In 2010 Sergio Rivera, a man enamored and knowledgeable of Mexican Food, found himself unsatisfied with the very commercial choices available in most Mexican restaurants. He then decided to take it upon himself to recreate the authentic flavors of Latin cuisine. Focusing on Mexican food but incorporating select dishes from other Latin American countries. There and then the seed for  Momcorn was planted. With the incorporation of

Sergio then looked for the perfect location. He wanted a centric place where the restaurant could be accessed easily and conveniently. His vision was to have a modern business that would recreate the food as served on its original artisan form.  He gathered a team of motivated and talented people and in May 2012. The first Momcorn opened its doors to the public. Looking to a future of expansion and creation of more restaurants to make this A-maize-ing food accessible to more people.

In 2018 Sergio and its company, Momcorn LLC sold the restaurant to a family. Since some members of that family had worked for Momcorn. Sergio trusted they would maintain the quality of the food and service. That family made some changes. Suppressing the modern image and giving it a run of the mill image.