Three tacos served with rice, beans, and corn. Choice of toppings.                    

Deep fried burrito stuffed with poblano peppers, sweet plantains, onion, rice, beans and melted vegan cheese.
Served with a side of rice & beans.

Vegan Flauta plate                         $12

NEW Vegan Chorizo TAco Plate          $15

Three rolled crispy tacos served with rice and beans. Flautas filled with potatoes and topped with lettuce, cilantro, onions, vegan sour cream, and avocado.  

A sandwich using sweet, ripe, yellow plantains instead of bread. Stuffed with our special eggplant al pastor, lettuce, vegan cheese, vegan mayo, grilled onion, and tomato.

VEGAN CHIMICHANGA                            $14

Here you have some of our most popular Vegan dishes.

                           Dine In. Take Out. Delivery 


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VEGAN JIBARITO                                    $14

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